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09 March 2012

Carving Stamps: a diy

I'd like to start off by apologizing for skipping yesterday. It came down to post or sleep, and I chose to get some much needed rest. I had an interview this morning to get into my major that I was pretty nervous about, but it went really well, I think.

tonight I taught my friend Alyssa how to carve a stamp and I realized that I should share it with you, too! so enjoy:
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1: you will need a rubber carving block (professional or in this case a rubber stamp, which is actually my preferred carving substance) and a cutting tool. This is the Speedball Linoleum cutter, but an exacto knife would work alright too. I like the linoleum cutter because it has different heads that make things easier in the later steps

2: draw your design onto your stamp (make sure it's backwards!) I would suggest starting simple--I started with hearts and little birdies.

3: using the small head (I used #1 on my set) cut  around the design and in the intricate parts of the design (for me that included the inside of the U and the top of the heart.

4: using the larger head (I used #5) cut out the remainder of the stamp. Make sure to cut deep enough that when you put ink on the stamp it will only get onto your design.

5: if you don't gouge out too much of one side you can make a design on the other side of the stamp--I chose a mustache:)

6: test your stamp on a scrap piece of paper and then stamp away to your heart's delight!

have a lovelee day!


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